The Tannery

Welcome to H&H Fur Dressing, a tannery for taxidermists that combines an old world trade with a modern edge.  Our objective is to create the best tanned hides for the community of taxidermists working across the United States.

We strive to be the highest quality tannery for taxidermists.  We have perfected our hide tanning over many years of research.   Every system, department and process is in an evolving system of improvement.  It is by this method that we have developed the tan that our taxidermists trust.


The Premier Professional Tannery for the Serious Taxidermist

SINCE 2002

We have been constantly improving our processes and quality for over a decade. Our tanning formula, with its high durability and stretch, has been a fundamental asset to our tannery's exponential growth over the last decade.

our mission

We focus on our taxidermists needs and how we can work together to make things more efficient and profitable for them. By treating every customer as a partner we foster a strong relationship built on trust.


Over the last several years we have won awards given by the state of Michigan. In 2011 we won the Best Small Business Award in Michigan. We also have been named one of the Top 50 Companies to watch in Michigan in 2013.

why choose us


Costs are important to our taxidermists. We know that every dime counts. That's why we maintain the highest quality available for your buck.


We understand that our turnaround time affects your turnaround time. That's why we are constantly trying to streamline and improve our processes here at the tannery.

Accuracy and assurance

Accuracy, precision and quality control checks and balances are an integral part of our tannery.


Using the most modern and up to date advances in technology allows us to communicate and track our services with high precision.

Partnership approach

By treating each of our customers as partners and co-equals we develop a mutual understanding of our customer's and their customer's needs.


A relationship built on honesty is a partnership that lasts.


Many changes have happened over the last 30 years that have dramatically changed the landscape of the modern tannery. Fortunately we were able to stay ahead of those changes.


We are the proud recipients of the Best Small Business in Michigan Award.

our team

Our dedicated staff each fulfills an important role in the operation of our tannery.

  • Full Service
    Duran Karcher

    Our Full Service department is responsible for fleshing and salting, splitting the eyes, nose and…

  • Billing
    Lisa Marlette
    This is where all invoicing, shipping and billing takes place. It is staffed by Lisa Marlette, your contacts with most important matters in the tannery...
  • Quality Control
    Mike Pearce

    Our quality control department is responsible for checking the hides during all stages of the tannery process. They are responsible for taking photos, documenting, emailing and phoning customers...

  • Shaving
    Jeffrey Krenz

    Our shavers are the work horses of the tannery. They take on the arduous task of getting the skin side of every hide even and thin enough for the tanning process to take place. They are experienced and...

  • Chemical / Wet Room
    Dave Dowell & Aaron Galineau

    One of the most critical areas of the tannery, the wet room is where we use our specialized chemical process to stop the decomposition of your hides. With over 20 drums of capacity we can handle large volumes of...

  • Grooming
    Bobbi Noder

    When you receive your hides you want them free of debris, clean and presentable. Thoroughly grooming your hides, especially pesky ones like bears, bison and sheep, makes your day a whole lot easier. There's nothing better than opening your box of....

  • Finishing
    Wyatt Marlette

    The finishing department begins where the chemical room ends. Your hides are oiled, stretched, dried and finish tumbled before being transferred to the grooming department. The finishing department ensures maximum pliability in your hides so you can receive the...

  • Machinist
    Don Putkela
    Not only does H&H offer some of the best tanning services in the nation, but we also make and manufacture the S&S Fleshing Machines in house at our subsidiary company True-Cut Tool, Inc...

Our Principles

Quality, honesty, reliability, timeliness, transparency and loyalty are all traits that we admire and strive to embody.