H &H Fur Dressing has exceeded my expectations in all areas including, excellent shaving with minimal shaving damage, excellent stretch, very minimal shrinkage and a very clean finished skin that is a pleasure to work with. Over the past 25+ years, one of the weakest links to the success of World Class Animal Artistry has been the inconsistent quality, poor turn around time and overall lack of customer service provided by the many tanneries that I have relied upon. This in turn has made my job more time consuming and ultimately less profitable. The mission of World Class Animal Artistry has always been to produce unequaled quality mounts in a timely manner for a very respected and growing clientele. It is a great relief to not have to play "Tannery Roulette" any more. H &H Fur Dressing has become an integral part of the success of World Class Animal Artistry and I look forward to a long term business relationship, one in which we both may prosper.

Kent E. Stryker, World Class Animal Artistry