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Hide Tanning Expertise

Since 2002 our tannery has offered experienced hide tanning services on all varieties of species.  We are proud to be one of the few tanneries in the Midwest, even in the United States, to be USDA approved to receive hide shipments from all over the world.  As a taxidermist, you want a tannery with experienced shavers and a quality tanned hide that gets back to you promptly.  Having us meet your deadlines ensures that you will have adequate time to meet the needs of your customers.   As an example, we recently have doubled our tanning capacity here to decrease our turnaround time.  Quality control and communication also are an integral part of our operation.  Here at H&H Fur Dressing we pride ourselves in being able to satisfy all of those characteristics and many, many more.

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We offer wet and dry hide tanning on hundreds of species.

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Tanning, Fleshing and Salting

  • Hide Tanning

    At H&H Fur Dressing we tan hundreds of animal species.  Our hide tanning process offers you the choice between dry and wet tanning.  There's no difference in quality between the two choices.  It's merely a matter of preference.  If you'd rather have a wet tan than a dry tan, just mark that on our form…

  • Fleshing and Salting

    We offer full service tanning to our customers.  So if you have a green hide that's frozen and wish to send it in, mail it to us no longer than 2 day mail and notify us in advance and we'll keep our eyes open for it.  As an important note, it is best to mail…

  • Spot Shaving

    Here at H&H we have a fully operational spot shaver to do all of your heavy African hides .   Additionally, with our experienced in house machinist, we have the ability to keep all of our tannery machines and equipment up to date and working smoothly.

  • Taxidermy Tools

    True-Cut Tool, Inc., a subsidiary of our tannery, is located here at our main facility in Reed City, Michigan.  We manufacture the S&S fleshing machine, sharpening steels, new blades and offer resharpens/regrinds and refurbish fleshing machines.

“Serving Taxidermists Nationwide”

We routinely work with thousands of taxidermy companies, large and small, to provide the highest quality hide tanning available. To see what shows we will be attending this year please click on the red button.

Science and Craftsmanship

Successful hide tanning requires more than just manual labor.  A great deal of knowledge and planning goes into developing a successful tanning agent.  Science and craftsmanship are but two important parts of the formula.   We have taken great efforts towards making the perfect product for your hides' preservation and longevity.  Continuous process improvements are a necessary element of any successful business.  We strive to make each part of operation more efficient, responsive and fine tuned.

Tanning research

Our proprietary synthetic tan has been developed exclusively for the purpose of maintaining a maximum shelf life, stretch and authenticity of species preservation.

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