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Welcome to H & H Fur Dressing

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for entrusting us to handle your client's skins.  Your support and patronage has allowed us to move from our 4,800 Sq Ft facility in Mecosta, MI  into our current 26,000 Sq Ft facility in Reed City, Michigan.

With our additional space, equipment and staff we can quickly and efficiently move along our hide tanning process.  We have added high capacity wet mills that are capable of handling a higher volume of heavy skins in every batch.  Therefore, our elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes and other species that get run through our spot shaver will have a faster return time.  We take pride in running an efficient business and we will be working diligently to maintain a reasonable turnaround time for you.   It is this process that allows us to keep up with our work that comes in from taxidermists all over the United States.

​After many years of research we have developed a highly sophisticated system that produces a uniquely superior tan.  This key factor is what was behind our being chosen to represent our state in business excellence.  

2011 ended with H & H Fur Dressing, Inc. being awarded Michigan's Best Small Business and at the start of 2013  we were designated as one of  Michigan's 50 Companies to Watch.  It is by no accident that we are quickly becoming the most sought after, highly respected tannery in America today.

The principles we live by are as follows:

   Customer Focus

   Legendary Service

   Timely Turnaround

   Complete understanding of the process

Thank you so much!

-  Mark Marlette


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